About Us

Combining many years of experience in software development, IT operations, and solutions architecture, we produce effective solutions for modern service providers.

At Brythonic Bytes we are dedicated to creating software for those managing IT Infrastructure in security conscious, data obsessive, and high uptime environments.  We draw on a wealth of experience from diverse skillsets to create tools suitable for modern Infrastructure management.

Our Company

The mission here at Brythonic Bytes is to create software for security conscious IT organisations, to allow them to operate with greater efficiency, security, and intelligence. This is led by a wealth of experience from working within various IT Service Provider operations and creating the tools that would have helped us during the most stressful and busy times in that space.


Our main offering is Syntmon, which provides an innovative approach to allow the collection and analysis of file systems in complex environments.  This solution can be used to reduce security incident triage times, help onboard new IT operations staff, ensure scheduled changes completed successfully, detect unauthorised changes to systems, malware detection, and much more.

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