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File Integrity Monitoring at Scale

Syntmon can be used to alert on file changes, alert on the detection of specific files, help orient system administrators around complex environments, confirm that planned system changes were successful, detect security vulnerabilities, and much more!

Our file integrity monitoring system was built to tackle issues facing modern IT service providers.  This helps maintain regulatory compliance whilst offering unique security and operational advantages.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Design

File History Browser

View all file systems from any point in recorded time with a simple file browser in your web browser.

File Searching

Search the file systems of all systems from all recorded times; this can be used to detect if vulnerable or malicious files were ever in your systems based on file hashes or filenames, or just to save administrators time in navigate your systems by seeing where applications reside.

Simple Integration

Syntmon is entirely containerised making deployment quick and easy on any Docker or Kubernetes platform. Integrating hosts with the system is also easy, with the recommended way being to add a cronjob which uses curl to push aide reports to the API.

File Alerting

Using an easy to operate configuration system, alerts can be set up for files based on: file names, directory names, and file hashes; allowing you to react swiftly to unexpected changes in your systems.

Data Availability

Multiple dashboards are available which display information collected by this system, and all of the functionality in the web frontend can be accessed via API calls to integrate it with your existing systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Many regulatory bodies require that IT infrastructure generates aide reports with the assumption they are monitored. Syntmon provides a way to accomplish this easily and at scale.

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